pocket orchestra

In 2006 Colin MacDonald formed his own chamber orchestra to develop his compositions for a larger instrumental force, inspired by and modeled after other composer-led ensembles such as Steve Reich and Musicians, the Michael Nyman Band, and the Graham Fitkin Group.  Combining instruments and performers that crossed the line between classical and jazz genres, between amplified and acoustic music, the Colin MacDonald Pocket Orchestra was born. Concert presentations of the Colin MacDonald Pocket Orchestra have been produced by the Redshift Music Society, the Yarilo Music Society, and by Music on Main.  In 2009 the ensemble performed in the Andriessen at 70 festival, presented by Music on Main, to celebrate the influence of Louis Andriessen on a younger generation of composers.  


The repertoire of the Colin MacDonald Pocket Orchestra is centered around the original compositions of Colin MacDonald, but also includes the work of established minimalist composers such as Michael Nyman, Graham Fitkin, Terry Riley, and Steve Martland.  Compositions by other ensemble members have also been added to the repertoire, including original works by Stefan Hintersteininger, Brad Muirhead, and Jared Burrows.

Colin MacDonald, soprano saxophone
David Branter, alto and soprano saxophones
Geeta Das, trumpet
Brad Muirhead, bass trombone
Daniel Tones, marimba
Jared Burrows, bass guitar
Anna Levy, piano
Paul Luchkow, violin
Elise Jacobsen, violin
Stefan Hintersteininger, cello
Doug Gorkoff, cello  


Stefan Hintersteininger - Shameless
Michael Nyman - Prospero's Magic, Yellow Sands
Graham Fitkin - Beethoven 7, Ironic III
Terry Riley - Tread on the Trail
Steve Martland - Mr. Anderson's Pavane

Colin MacDonald - Skillful Means, The 5-Chambered Heart, Reaching for Immortality, Vers La Lune, Modulo12



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